Circus Front, Roundhouse 2007

I had a brilliant year working on the first circus festival at the Roundhouse in 2007. I co-ordinated the ancillary events which included cabaret in the bar and talks, films etc in other spaces in this excellent venue.

Shows in the main space included one of my all time favourites – Acrobat’s ‘Smaller, Poorer, Cheaper’, Nofit State with ‘Immortal’, Collectif AOC and Collectif Acrobatique de Tangier with ‘Taoub’ and Lucy Fire’s Pain Proof Circus.

Favourite moments were trying to get Nofit to agree to Pain Proof Circus riding a motorbike on their raised set (they didn’t), Miss Behave’s cabaret in the cafe, our gold theme launch party, sorting NoFit being able to all stay in their caravans in the car park and generally working with a great team in an epic venue.

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