Kamikaze Kabaret

Working at one of my favourite festivals, we hired a gorgeous Big Top and filled it with a roller disco, sumo wrestling, music, jump rope workshops, Geisha Makeovers and, of course, some circus.

The first year saw Ryan Styles as a smoking Mount Fuji, aerial by Roxy Velvet, hula hoop by Zpark, Chinese Pole by Gemma and Thelma, aerial by Joanna Pacheco and Eleonora Dall’Asta. A kamikazee plane had crashed into the bar, the sake flowed and we saw the sun rise.

The second year I ran the cabaret as the Kamikaze turned into more of a music venue. Acrojou performed their gorgeous German Wheel, Alana Jones on the tightwire, Ilona Jannti’s beautiful aerial and a passionate pole duet from Cirk Extempore. Less sake this year due to being pregnant!



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